Love The Skin You're In  (selfcare box)
Love The Skin You're In  (selfcare box)
Love The Skin You're In  (selfcare box)
Love The Skin You're In  (selfcare box)
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Love The Skin You're In (selfcare box)

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Collaborating with Heal_Thy_Soul on this Self-care box.

This Set is sure to get you started on loving the Skin you're in. We must take care of our Temple as its a representation to who you truly are as a person. We need to learn to love ourselves and our body. Let's start off with setting the mood just right. Start by lighting your self love spell candle and Palo Santos. Meditate. Clear your mind build your energy. Wash away all the negative.  Wash your face with your favorite face wash. Apply the charcoal mask leave on for 15-30 min. The longer the better. Once rinsed off. Make sure you scrub all the harsh chemicals away exfoliate and help put all that moisture back in your beautiful skin. Helps with this harsh weather.  

Self Love Spell Travel Candle:

Rose and Lavender scented candle. Infused with Reiki Healing Energy. A magical blend of botanicals to ignite your hearts desire.

Adorned by a Lavender Rose Quartz to heal the heart chakra and promote self love and self worth.

Palo Santos: An aromatic incense, palo santo is a natural wood, known for centuries by the Incas and other indigenous cultures as a spiritual remedy. Used for purifying, cleansing, providing, spiritual protection, bringing good luck, and getting rid of negative energy.


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